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Antithesis is a contemporary arts journal that has been showcasing progressive and insightful work from Melbourne and around the world since 1987. It is published annually at the University of Melbourne and is the oldest graduate-run journal in Australia.

While Antithesis is run by graduate students, it has a long tradition of publishing works by established scholars, writers and artists including Joanna Bourke, Tony Birch, Christos Tsiolkas, Terry Eagleton, Gore Vidal, Stephen Fry, Delia Falconer, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Ghassan Hage, Shaun Tan and Slavoj Zizek.

The journal features a mixture of scholarly essays, poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction, as well as artwork, illustration, photography, reviews and interviews – all of which seek to provide cultural commentary that challenges current thoughts and ideas.


The aim of Antithesis is reflected in the name of the journal itself.  When applied as a literary device,  antithesis emphasises the contrast between two ideas, by placing them next to each other. Antithesis journal seeks to provide cultural commentary, across various forms in order to challenge and contrast mainstream thoughts and ideas.

In 2017, we want to revisit our mission statement and revive some of our fundamental ideals. More important than publishing well-known artists or writers is giving voice to alternative or unrepresented perspectives that are not often given space in traditional media. While Antithesis has always promoted progressive work with perspectives that oppose the mainstream – our focus moving forward is to also to give a voice to those whose stories are otherwise marginalised, misrepresented or ignored, and point public debate in alternative directions.

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The editorial and design committee members for Volume 27 are:

  • Angela Iaria
  • Claire Shearwood
  • Wes Whitfield
  • Amanda McMahon
  • Georgia Coldebella
  • Bella Mackey
  • Alex Longmire
  • Chris Ebbs
  • Sarah Layton
  • Lina Hawi
  • Izy Delahunty
  • Bige Yilmaz
  • Prachi Tyagi
  • Janelle Kelso


Antithesis is supported by an advisory board, which currently includes Simon During (University of Queensland), and Liz McFarlane, Radha O’Meara, Mark Davis and Ken Gelder (University of Melbourne).


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Antithesis is proudly affiliated with the Graduate Student Association, Melbourne University.

ONLINE FORUMS (2003–2006)

In recent years, Antithesis has significantly expanded its role in Australia’s graduate student academic community with the introduction of both the Antithesis symposium and the refeering of all academic articles.

Between 2003 and 2006, part of our expansion process included fostering further academic discussion through a series of online forums. Complete archives of the forums can now be found in the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA Archive

Volume 1:  Secrecy 
Volume 2: Risk
Volume 3: Once and Future Medievalism
Volume 4: Trust

Please note that the above links lead to content previously displayed on old versions of the Antithesis website. This content is now administered by the National Library of Australia, not by Antithesis, and as a result we are unable to remove or amend it.