The ANTITHESIS launch is CASH ONLY. Yes, we have change. Yes, there is probably an ATM nearby. Yes, you get a great price for rocking up to the launch. Yes, there will be booze too. And readings.


Equilibrium: $13 Student/Concession, $15 General

Bundle Deal: 1x Equilibrium + 2x issues 1-19, $18 Student/Concession, $20 General

Bundle Deal: 1x Equilibrium + 1x issue 1-19 + 1x issue 20-24, $23 Student/Concession, $25 General

Antithesis Launch Party, November 12 at Longplay Bar

The editors of ANTITHESIS are proud to announce the launch of our twenty-fifth issue: Equilibrium. Featuring work by:

Emma Marie Jones
Holly Pockets
Dom Amerena
Fikret Pajalic
Daniel Young
Nattakarn Tancharoen
Justine Stella
Kimberly Clemens
Ivy Alvarez
Stu Hatton
Bel Woods
Eddy Burger
Dali Abraham Lenoir
tommy pg
Sarah Rice
Jennifer Newhouse
Syed Ahmed
Michael Cooper

Come down to LongPlay for a drink and to pick up an amazing collection of fiction, poetry, graphic narrative and art. Follow ANTITHESIS on Twitter for updates!

This meeting will include our AGM. Those who wish to be involved with ANTITHESIS are encouraged to attend to vote with us!

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